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The PLAYERS design their championship BLACK Jerseys which they will have to sole right to wear for all of 2022!

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Official Team  Power  Rankings!!!!

Rankings  Updated as  of 11.13  Event

#1  Lady Supreme

Lady Supreme.PNG

#1  Lady  SUpreme  (98 pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 14
4  Championships
5  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Offensive   Leaders: danielle  sienko, 
marisa  jimenez,  kristi  dolan
Defensive  Leaders: alyssa  dinino, 
erica  roberts,  chelsea  kramaritsch
Players to watch: lasha  johnson,  nichole  alvarez, 
alyssa  marks, kristina  forsman


must  have  over  10  power  ranking  points  to  appear  below

#2  Lady Gees

Womens Champs - Lady Gees.jpg

#2  Lady  gees  (69  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 10
3  playoff  wins
1   championship
2020  toc  runner-up

Team  Gamechangers

Coach: jerock  gaines
Offensive   Leaders: johanna  deguzman
Defensive  Leaders: sofita  castillo,  victoria  nye
Players to watch: amanda  kane, 
laylay  johnson,  taylor  curci

#3  SI Cobras

Women - Staten Island Cobras.jpg

#3  SI  Cobras  (64  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 6
Defense:  <10 Pa/Game
3  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Coach: joey  khoury
Offensive   Leaders: Alyssa  pippitone, 
ana  gabriela  gutierrez
Defensive  Leaders: nicolette  desimone, 
ashlee  ferreira,  danielle  goodridge
Players to watch:  rebecca  khoury, 
shayla  cotton,  brianna  gloeni

#4  Blue Footed Boobies

#4  Blue  footed  boobies  (51  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 9
3  playoff  wins
Defense:  7 PA/game

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: cait  tuceling
Offensive   Leaders: yuria  haruki,  brittany  pope
Defensive  Leaders: my-ha  moon,  orla  maclean
Players to watch: neikyla  reid,  allison  mccord

Women - Blue Footed Boobies.jpg

#5  BDE

Womens Champs - BDE.jpg

#5  bde  (48  pts)

2021  season  wins: 8
1  championship
2  playoff  wins
Defense:  <4 PA/game

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: ali  baublitz
Offensive   Leaders: Liz  jenkins, 
des  riehl,  ali  baublitz
Defensive  Leaders: kristi  dolan,  lasha  johnson
Players to watch: courtney  wheeler, 
victoria  nye,  amanda  kane

#6  BFC Bad Guys

Women - BFC Bad Guys.JPG

#6  bfc  bad  guys  (39 pts)

2  Playoff  wins
Dangerous  offensive  attack
fundamentally  sound  team

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Courtney  burkett
Offensive   Leaders: 
lauren  vetock,  jas  ward
Defensive  Leaders: Chelsea  wagner, 
diamond  sykes,  erika  klatt

Players to watch: sara  rivera,  lauren  pederson

#7  Dunkin Divas

Women's Champs - Dunkin Divas.jpg

#7  Dunkin  divas  (32  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 4
2  playoff  wins
1  championship

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Lasha  johnson
Offensive   Leaders: dia  cascone
Defensive  Leaders: victoria  nye,  lasha  johnson
Players to watch:  syd  harris, 
courtney  wheeler,  kristi  dolan

#8  Staten Island Giants

Womens - Staten Island Giants.jpg

#8  Staten  Island  Giants (32 pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 4
2  playoff  wins
2020  toc  runner-up

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: mike  colt
Offensive   Leaders: nadia  beck,  allison  gandlin
Defensive  Leaders: Victoria  rosas, 
kylee  cartano,  adrianna  caalotti
Players to watch jade  mazziotta,  faith  ann

#9  Manic Monstars

Women - Manic Monstars.jpg

#9  Manic  monstars  (22  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 3
Defense:  <2tds  / game

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: casey  depasquale
Offensive   Leaders: sarah  byrne, 
burgandy  mccurty
Defensive  Leaders: cherynne  montanero,  casey  depasquale
Players to watch: illaiana blackshear,
seema  rao,  lisa  maus

#10  Titans

Women - Titans.jpeg

#10  Titans  (21  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 3
2  playoff  wins
Defense:  7 PA/game

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Victoria burgarella
Offensive   Leaders: tiffany  caccesse, 
sofia  castillo,  victoria  sangiorgi
Defensive  Leaders: mimi  molina,  jamie  quadrato
Players to watch: alyssa  sperrazza, 
gianna  giambrone

#11  Birds of Prey

#11   Birds  of  prey  (15  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 2
1  playoff  win
Defense:  7 PA/game

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: lissa  eagles
Offensive   Leaders: chelsea  vena, 
shannon  sottosanti
Defensive  Leaders: tiffany  caccese,  jessica  devirgilio
Players to watch: amber  kavanagh, 
aysha  burton,  katie  brooks

Women - Birds of Prey.jpg

2020   Ska'moog   TOC  Champs

 Lady Supreme 

2020 Womens TOC Champs - Lady

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