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Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS  THE   COVETED  BLACK  JERSEYS!

#1 Lady Supreme

#1  Lady  Supreme

Offense: > 2 TDs / game
Defense:  < 1 TD / game

2020   TOC   CHAMPS

#1  ranked  offense  &   Defense

team  Gamechangers
captain:  kristi  dolan
offensive leader:  Danielle  sienko,  marisa  jimenez
Defensive leader:  lasha  johnson,  alyssa  marks
players to watch:   kristi  dolan,  nichole  alvarez,  alisa  harrison

2  championships, 6  playoff  wins

#2 Staten Island Giants

#2 Staten  island  giants

offense:  > 2 tds / game

4  Playoff Wins

top  5  Ranked  offense  &  Defense

team  Gamechangers
coach:   mike  colt
offensive  leaders:  nadia  beck,  allison  gandlin
Defensive  leaders:  allison  gandlin,  victoria  rosas,  adrianna  caalotti
players to watch:  jade  mazziotta,  kylee cartano

2020  toc  runner-up

#3 Underground Queens

#3  Underground  queens

offense:  > 2  tds / game

1   playoff   win

team  Gamechangers

Captain:   andrew  siafa
players to watch:   katherine  lanoue,  angelina  favaloro, 
princess  emenogu,  celina  vital,  tiffany  perry

Top  5  ranked  offense

T-4 Landsharks

T-4  Landsharks

Top  5  ranked  defense

1  playoff  win

A team  to  watch  in  2021

team  Gamechangers
captain:  natasha  sousa
offensive leader: dia  cascone,  cherynne  montanero
Defensive leader:  nasaha  sousa,  cherynne  montanero
players to watch:   heather  salerno,  janeel  diaz

T-4 SoupaStars

T-4  SoupaStars

defense:  <10 PA

1  playoff  win

Top  5  ranked  offense
Top  5  ranked   Defense

team  Gamechangers
captain:  kim  phifer
offensive  leaders:  kim  phifer
Defensive  leaders:  mariah  reed,  lexi  melville
players to watch:   illiana  blackshear,  nicole  bolash,  casey  depasquale

Lady Supreme

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