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#1 Women at Play

Pro C - Shockers.jpg

#1   Women  at  PLay (64  Pts)

Offense:   20.8 ppg

Defense:  4.0 Pa

2  Championships

4  playoff  wins

#1  ranked  Offense

#2  ranked  defense

team  Gamechangers

captain:  Kim  phifer

offensive leader:  kat  rodriguez,  kim  phifer

Defensive leader:  laura  Placentra,  lindsay  owe

players to watch:   Katie  lindberg,  nicole  bolash

Women at Play - Champs.jpg

#2 Sonic Boom

Pro C - Shockers.jpg

#2  Sonic  Boom  (40  Pts) 

defense:  7.4 PA

1  Championship

2  playoff  wins

top  5  ranked  offense  &  Defense

team  Gamechangers

captain:  Briana  comuniello

offensive leader:  krissy  dellecave

Defensive leader:  shannon  sottosanti, briana comuniello

players to watch:   katie  brooks,  amber  kavanagh

#3 Lady Supreme

#3  Lady  Supreme (32  pts)

Offense: 20.5   PPG

Defense:  0  pa

1  championship, 2  playoff  wins

#2  ranked  offense

#1  ranked  Defense


team  Gamechangers

captain:  karine  polgar

offensive leader:  alesha  marcks,  karine  polgar

Defensive leader:  chelsea  kramaritsch

players to watch:   lasha  johnson, traneya  white

#4 The Slammers

#4 The  Slammers (20 Pts) 

Defense:  8.4  PA

2 Playoff Wins

well  balanced  offense  &  defense

team  Gamechangers

captain:  Amanda  feldman

offensive leader:  heather  solt,  jillian  shaner

Defensive leader:  kim  beaver,  laura  baden

players to watch:   sheilla  cruz

#5 Manic Monsters

#5  Manic  monsters (17 Pts) 

Defense:  9.7  PA

Top  5  ranked  offense

top  10  ranked  defense

team  Gamechangers

captain:  Illiana  blackshear

offensive leader:  sarah  byrne

Defensive leader:  alyssa  marks, illiana blackshear

players to watch:   syd  harris,  ashley  foote

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