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Official Team  Power  Rankings!!!!

 2022  Rankings  as   of  05.14.2022  event

50+ Teams in  Pro  B!   Only  the  Top  Teams  Are  Ranked!


#1 Shockers VA

Shockers  Va  (90 pts)

2022  Season  Record: 10-1-0
3  Championships
6  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Tim  Ruggieri
Offensive   Leaders: Steve  Soletto
Defensive  Leaders: Montel  Robinson,
Jayohn  Turner,  Yashua  Torres
Players to watch:  Jaquante  Walker,  Tim 
Ruggieri, Linwood  Vaughan,  Kahlil  Mock,
Adams  Abdulrazaaq,  Bryan  Soletto

Pro 3 Champs - Shockers VA.jpg

#2  On The Money

On  The  Money  (87 pts)

2022  season  Record: 11-2-1
2  Championships
5  Playoff  Wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Jeremy Schaefer
Offensive   Leaders: Nicholas  Pace
Defensive  Leaders: Michael  Gordan,
Jeremy  Schaefer,  Michael  Fritchman
Players to watch: Markeith  Williamson, 
Q  Bell,  Bryan  Bean,  Chris  Campbell,
Michael  Daniels

Pro 1 Champs - On the Money.jpg

#3 Rarebreed 

RareBreed  (50 pts)

2022  season  Record:  6-2-1
4   playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain:  Tom  Bremme
Offensive   Leaders:  Dario  Felix,  Tom  Bremme
Defensive  Leaders: Peter  Martinez,  Jerry  walker
Players to watch:  Wilson  Fontanez,  Chad  Carter,
Rakim  Milton,  Donta  Mcnear,  Tom  Bremme,
Armonti  Norman,  Marcel  Hernandez

Pro 2 Champs - Rarebreed.jpg


Pro 6 Champs - Aplus.jpg

aplus  (46  pts)

2022  Season wins: 6
1  Championship
3  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Anthony  Hardick
Offensive   Leaders: Juan  Rodriguez
Defensive  Leaders: Justin  Evangelista,
Tyler  Peddie,  Ray  Maldonado
Players to watch:  Trevor  Reynolds, 
Anthony  Digirolamo,  Julian  Pires,
Michael  Delgado,  Anthony  Hardick

#T-6 Wildcats  

Wildcats (40 pts)

2022  season  Record:  5-2-0
1  Championship
2   playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Nick Price
Players to watch: Nick Price, Kyle Ward

20220312_170159 (1).jpg

#T-6 Life Ain't Fair

  Life  Ain't  Fair  (40  pts)

2022  season  Record:  5-2-0
1  Championship
Talented & Tough

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Jared Staton

Players to watch: CJ Tarver, Anthony Goodwin, Colby Youngblood, Jared Staton, Valentino Smith


#T-8 DE Lightning Athletics

Pro B - DE Lightning Atheltics.jpg

  DE  Lightning  Athletics  (37 pts)

2022  season  Record:  6-2-0
3   playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain:  Mark  Taylor
Offensive   Leaders: Dlijah  Banks
Defensive  Leaders: Alex  Hales,  Malcolm  Johns,
Jordan  Henry,  Mark  Taylor
Players to watch: Tyrece  Carter,  Jamont 
Mathews,  Donovan Cain,  Matt  White,
Raphael  Davila, Tom  Lahman

#5 CT Blackhawks  

Pro B - CT BlackHawks.jpg

CT  Blackhawks  (42 pts)

2022  Season  Record: 7-4-0
Talented & High Football IQ

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Elijah  Duffy
Offensive   Leaders: Elijah  Duffy
Defensive  Leaders: James  Harrington,
Tysheen  McCrea,  Taquan  Broadway
Players to watch: Gregory  Dixon,  Ant
Jubles,  Tyren  Mccrea,  Dontrell  Brown

#T-8 The Mobb

Pro B - Deja Vu.jpg

Deja  Vu  (37  pts)

2022  Season  Record: 6-3-0
Pro B TOC Winner in 2020 

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Angelo  Devita
Offensive   Leaders: David  Telesco,
AJ  Foust,  Ray  Gualano
Defensive  Leaders: Roberto  Parker,  
Mechico  Mood  Jr,  Jason  Gamble  Jr
Players to watch: Peter  Nuzzo,
Angelo  Debita, Ralph  Cruz

#T-10 See Ya Later

See  Ya  Later  (32  pts)

2022  season  wins:  4
1  Championship
2   playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Troy  Trent  Jr
Offensive   Leaders:  Mark  Cruel,  KJ  Duff Jr
Defensive  Leaders: Jared   Stanton,  Anthony  Goodwin
Players to watch:  Oz  Murphy,  Korey  Duff Sr,
Ozire  Mithcell,  Mark  Turmon,  Troy  Trent Jr, 
James  Seay

Pro 5 Champs - See Ya Later.jpg

#T-10 Why We Do Datt

Why  We  Do  Datt  (32 pts)

2022  Season  Wins:  4
1  Championship
2  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Umar Lewis
Players to watch:  Look out For Elizabeth's Best Players

20220312_165657 (1).jpg

#T-10 2EZ

2EZ  (32 pts)

2022  Season:
1  Championship
Impressive Championship in New Rochelle

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Clint Thomas
Players to watch:  Tocorey Oughterson, Makai Cruel, Luke Mckenna, Joe Breezy, Eric Thompson, Daniel Manneh, Clint Thomas

RingPink_Alpha Breastcancerawareness.png

#13 6 Borough

Pro B - 6 Borough.jpg

6  Borough  (29  pts)

2022  Season  Record:  4-3-1
2  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain:  Jose  Bonilla
Offensive   Leaders: Juan  Redriguez
Defensive   Leaders: Justin  Evangelista,
tyler  peddie,  david  mendoza

Players to watch: Shiquan  Martinez,
Troy  Scales,  Westly  Marte, 
Desahwn  Joshnson,  Lazarus  Perez

#14  Death Row

Pro 6 - Death Row.jpg

Death  Row  (25  pts)

2022  season  wins:  4
1  playoff  win

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: trumane  nieves
Offensive   Leaders: jaleel  tyson,  bryant  geddes
Defensive  Leaders: jordan  geissinger, 
jacquey  mendez,  tramel  nieves
Players to watch: jameel  kelly, 
keshawn  jackson,  daunte  fletcher

#T-15 Real Monstars


Real  Monstars  (22  pts)

Tough, Smart & Talented
Contender for TOC

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Emman  Ebosie

Players to Watch: EMMan Ebosie, Anthony Brock, William Dukes, Rakim Johnson, Farid Adenuga, Raymond Hudson, Miguel Ramirez, Lawrence Caputo

#T-15 Knight Life

Pro 6 - Knight Life.JPG

Knight  Life  (22  pts)

2  playoff  wins
Tough  &  Gritty  Team

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Bryant  Knight
Offensive   Leaders: Jacob  Garcia
Defensive  Leaders: Brandon  Kearse
Players to watch: Chris  Ledee,  Ryan
Seyfried,  Bryant  Knight,  Dilean  Rivera,
Rene  Gigueroa,  Nate  Samboy

#17 Tune Squad  

Pro 3 - Tune Squad.jpg

Tune  Squad  (20 pts)

2022  Season  Record: 3-2-0
2  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Clint Thomas
Offensive   Leaders: Joe  Breezy
Defensive  Leaders: Jared  Stanton
Players to watch: Colby  Youngblood,
Dysheek  Sanders,  Clint  Thomas, 
Eric  Thompson

#T-18 The Off SZN

The  Off  Szn  (17  pts)

2022  season  wins:  3
Tough & Talented

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Zachary Dorsonne

Players to watch: Zachary Dorsonne, Matthew Mohammed, Gregory Harvey


#T-18 Dad Bods

Dad  Bods  (17  pts)

2022  season  wins:  3
Tough & Talented
1  Playoff  Win

Team  Gamechangers

Team  to  Watch  in  2022


 2021  Ska'moog  toc  champs

 SI Cobras 

Pro B TOC Champs - SI Cobras.jpg

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