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Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS  THE   COVETED  BLACK  JERSEYS!

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The PLAYERS design their championship BLACK Jerseys which they will have to sole right to wear for all of 2022!

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Official Team  Power  Rankings!!!!

Rankings  Updated as  of 11.13 Event

50+  teams  played  in  2021,   must   have  25+  power  ranking  points  to  be  ranked  below  


#1  Death Row

Pro Champs - Death Row.jpg

#1  Death  Row  (132  pts)

2021  season  wins:  22
4  Championships
10  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: trumane  nieves
Offensive   Leaders: jaleel  tyson,  bryant  geddes
Defensive  Leaders: jordan  geissinger, 
jacquey  mendez,  tramel  nieves
Players to watch: jameel  kelly, 
keshawn  jackson,  daunte  fletcher

#2  Waterdawgz

Pro 6 Champs - Waterdawgs.jpg

#2  waterdawgz  (116   pts)

2021  season  wins:  18
3  Championships
7   playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Charlie  Barbiere
Offensive   Leaders:  Dylan  Clarke,  nick  barbiere
Defensive  Leaders: Kyle  bradshaw,  
Brent scardapane,  rashod  hull
Players to watch: bryan  soletto,  jon  simpkins,
charlie  barbiere,  chris  marcincak

#T-3  War Sharks

Pro 6 - War Sharks.JPG

#T3  war  sharks  (71 pts)

2021  season  wins:  14
6   playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain:  greg   buchalski
Offensive   Leaders: CUrtis  gift,  lamar  davis
Defensive  Leaders: frankie  acevedo, 
jharren  gregory,  dexter  mcdougle
Players to watch: timmy  frost,  matthew  goss, 
greg  buchalski,  mike  distefano,  seth  batson

#T-3  TTG


#T3  TTG (71   pts)

2021  season  wins:  12
1  Championship
5   playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: tyler  gabriel
Offensive   Leaders:Tyler  gabriel,  ronnie  burr
Defensive  Leaders: aj  west,  kyle  blue,
willie  torres
Players to watch: makhi  desilva,  kylik self,
andrew  huff,  ngozi

#5  SI  Cobras

Pro 6 - Staten Island Cobras.jpg

#5  SI  Cobras  (60 pts)

2021  season  wins:  10
5  playoff  wins
2  championships

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: kevin  read
Offensive   Leaders: kevin  read,  paul  waldman
Defensive  Leaders: david  potenza
kyle  hoang
Players to watch:  mike  fidanza, 
robert  asomaning

#6  150 Dream Team

Pro B Champs - 150 Dream Team.jpg

#6  150  dream  team  (59  pts)

2021  Season  Wins:  9
1  Championship
4  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Tyree  gutierrez
Offensive   Leaders: jason  cisson, 
tyree  gutierrez
Defensive  Leaders: Karnell wactor,  tyre  williams,  mooch  daniels
Players to watch:  ahbree  williams, 
leedrue  hurt,  julian  signorelli

#7  BoogSquad

Pro 2 - Boogsquad.jpg

#7  BoogSquad (51  pts)

2021  season  wins:  10
3   playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Francisco  torres
Offensive   Leaders:  Mario  herrera, 
jon  kaminski
Defensive  Leaders: jonathan  brown,
francisco  torres,  jhonathan  rojas
Players to watch:  eli  rivera, 
roberto  marte,  joumer  medina

#T-9  Knight Life

Pro 6 Champs - Knight Life.jpg

#T9  Knight  Life  (42  pts)

1  Championship
3  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: bryant  knight
Offensive   Leaders: lavell  fowler, 
thomas  eller
Defensive  Leaders: shim  knight, 
israel  soto,  bryant  knight
Players to watch: sandro  rodriguez, 
ethan  bastienn

#8  XFFL Tribe

Pro 5 Champs - XFFL Tribe.jpg

#8  Xffl  tribe  (43  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 8
1  Championship
3  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Kyle  williams
Offensive   Leaders: Mike  cirone, 
tyler  gabriel,  kyle  blue
Defensive  Leaders: kyle  williams, 
nick vandertulip
Players to watch: makhi  dasilva

#T-9  BFC Bad Guys

Pro 6 Champs - BFC Bad Guys.jpg

#T9  bfc  bad  guys  (42  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 8
1  Championship
2  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: scott  kasson
Offensive   Leaders: freddy  bopst, 
dylan  zomoida,  scott kasson
Defensive  Leaders: ray  johnson, steve  crawford
Players to watch: nicholas  crawford, 
sammy  ndiyo,  andrew  king,  robert  lau

#11  APLUS

Pro B Champs - Aplus.jpg

#11  aplus  (41  pts)

2021  Season  Wins:  8
1  Championship
3  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Anthony  hardick
Offensive   Leaders: Matthew  stoddard, 
tyler  peddie
Defensive  Leaders: anthony  hardick, 
edwin  soto,  lionel  white
Players to watch:  albert  white,  jamal  bynum

#12  Trenchdemons

Pro 6 Champs - Trench Demons.jpg

#12  Trenchdemons  (38 pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 6
1  Championship
3  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: shakeem  jackson
Offensive   Leaders: obrian  uzamaki,
kier  batson,  amir  alderman
Defensive  Leaders: jelani  booker,  nasir  best
Players to watch: louis  cook

#T-13  Reading Bullies

Pro C - Reading Bullies.jpg

#T13  Reading  Bullies  (35 pts)

2021  season  wins:  6
1  Championship
2  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: peter  martinez
Offensive   Leaders: wilson  fontanez, 
noreaga  falby
Defensive  Leaders: noreaga  falby, 
peter  martinez
Players to watch: rashod  hull, 
franky  camacho,  alveon  truesdale

#T-13  2 Live Crew

Pro 6 Champs - 2 Live Crew.jpg

#T13  2  Live  crew (35  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 6
1  Championship
2  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain:  Ronald  perkins
Offensive   Leaders: ronald  perkins
Players to watch: cori  watkins,  rockeed  mccarter,  tamar  rolle,  christian  coston, 
tom  bremme,  kyle  lenkey

#T-13  Ultra Instinct

Pro 2 Champs - Ultra Instinct.jpg

#T13  Ultra  instinct (35  pts)

2021  Season  Wins:  4
1  Championship
3  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: damian  diaz
Offensive   Leaders: giovianne garcia,  
dilean  rivera,  damian  diaz
Defensive  Leaders: chris  kusi,  
michael  fritchman
Players to watch:  dalton  morganello

#15  Suicide Squad

Pro 3 - Suicide Squad.jpg

#15  Suicide  squad  (34 pts)

2021  Season  Wins:  4
1  Championship
3  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Aarik  shell
Offensive   Leaders: cornell  jones, 
skeeter  braun
Defensive  Leaders: aj  swain, 
christopher  miles
Players to watch:  john  ramos, 
jeremy  mcclelland

#T-16  Bulldawgs

Pro 1 Champs - Bulldawgs.jpg

#T16  Bulldawgs  (32  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 7
1  Championship
2  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Bradley  kane
Offensive   Leaders: carlos  colon, 
kole  bloshuk
Defensive  Leaders: taino  gonzalez, 
bradley  kane,  zee  roberson
Players to watch: garrett  deboer,  
joe  genteel, nard  davis

#T-16  Highrollers

Pro 2 - High Rollers.jpg

#T16  Highrollers (32  pts)

2021  Season  Wins: 8
Top  5  offense
3  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: ricky  roman
Offensive   Leaders: dayday  hardy, 
ricky  roman,  chris  durant
Defensive  Leaders: tyree  smith,  jeffrey  fredericks,  dennis antoine
Players to watch:  sabian  restal, 
dylan  moye,  cesar  tapia

#T-16  NOC Revolution

#T-16  BDB

#t16  NOC  Revolution  (32  pts)

Team  Gamechangers
Captain: Brandon  keefe
Players to watch: husan  welch,  james  seay,  kodi  riddell,  brandon  keefe,  dysheek  sanders

Pro 4 Champs - NOC Revolution.jpg

#t16  bdb  (32  pts)

Team  Gamechangers
Captain: darnell  golson
Players to watch: jordan  spencer,  haxhi  laia,  darnell  golson,  ryan  downes,  chris  kusi

Pro 7 Champs - BDB.jpg

#T-16  BLSN

#T-16  Smashmouth 201

#t16  BlSN  (32  pts)

Team  Gamechangers
Captain: jose  marcial
Players to watch: mike  berstecher,  jared  williams,  chris  ganzel,  kris  atkins,  jay  milly

Pro 1 Champs - BLSN.jpg

#t16  Smashmouth  201  (32  pts)

Team  Gamechangers
Captain: Jeanpiero  garces
Players to watch: duval  cheatham,  calos  menoscal,  elias  castillo,  jolise  aponte

Pro 3 Champs - Smashmouth201.jpg

#T-16  222

#T-16  Phantoms

#t16  222  (32  pts)

Team  Gamechangers
Captain: Luis  Ortiz
Players to watch: Jose  munoz,  noah  sosa,  jared  cunningham,  chris  kusi,  luis  lamboy

#t16  Phantoms  (32  pts)

Team  Gamechangers
Captain: lou  dominique
Players to watch: Christopher  shuster, nico  williams,  hassan  gardner,  stepher  ruger

222 Metlife Champs.jpg
Pro 1 Champs - Phantoms.jpg

#T-26  Elizabeth Got Game

#T-26  Rarebreed

#t26  Elizabeth  Got  Game  (29 pts)

Team  Gamechangers
Captain: umar  lewis
Players to watch: Brandon  farrar,  michael  daniels,  bryan  bean,  tyree  williams

Pro Champs - Elizabeth Got Game.jpg

#t26 Rarebreed  (29  pts)

Team  Gamechangers
Captain: Tom  bremme
Players to watch: Harold  jackson  jr,  Dante  mcknight,
ben schreffler, 
geoff  green

Pro B Champs - Rarebreed.jpg

#T-28  Cig Newtons

#t28  NY  Mercenaries (26 pts)

Team  Gamechangers
Captain: Justin  Paletti
Players to watch: Wayne  kendall,  Brandon  boney,  justin  miskin,  keith  nandin

#T28 Cig  Newtons (26pts)

Team  Gamechangers
Captain: Phil forma
Players to watch: pj  deiseni,  joseph  novello,  kory  kenny,  noah  lancia,  tom  medina

Pro B - NY Mercenaries.jpg
Pro 1 - Cig Newtons.jpeg

#T-28  NY  Mercenaries

Current  black  jersey  holders   |  2020  toc  champs


2020 Pro B TOC Champs - Deacon.jpg

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