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- All  TEAMS  Earn   Power  Ranking  Points  By  Playing
- The  Top  Ranked  Teams  Are  Invited  to the   Tournament  of  Champions!!!  

Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS  THE   COVETED  BLACK  JERSEYS!

#1   Deacon

Offense:   >2TDs /  game

1  Championship
7  playoff wins

Top  5  defense

team  Gamechangers
captain:  ronnie  ackley
players to watch:   Mike  Demart, john  mautz,  dario  felix,  antonio  rogers
jay  ventura,  rondell  bradley

2020  toc  champs

#1 Deacon

#2 Suicide squad

#2  Suicide  squad

Offense:  >2 TDS / Game

4  playoff  wins

well  balanced  offense

team  Gamechangers
captain:  Aarik  shell
players to watch:   Aarik Shell, cornell  jones,  cori  watkins  II, 
nathan  tolbert,  tarik  amin

#3 Executioners

#3  executioners

Top  5  offense  &  defense

4  playoff  wins

High  Powered  offense

team  Gamechangers
captain:  andrew  yager
players to watch:   Valentino  smith,  lynn  west,
jordan  nelson,  cj  tarver,  troy  trent  jr.

#4 BFC Bad Guys

#4  BFC  Bad  guys

Top  10  offense  &  defense

1  championship
3  playoff  wins

2021   newcomer

team  Gamechangers
captain:  scott  kasson
offensive leader:  freddy  bopst,  dylan  zomoida
Defensive leader:  ray  johnson,  steve  crawford
players to watch:   scott kasson,  ethan  c,  sammy  ndiyo

#3  Chosen  Few

2020  toc  runner-up

Top  5   defense

4  playoff  wins

team  Gamechangers
captain:  Miquel  perez
players to watch:   Anthony  hernandez,  kj  williams, 
oral  campbell,  kenny jackson

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