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#1   rudi  gees (119  Pts)

Offense:   25.1  ppg

3  Championships

9  playoff wins

Top  5  offense


team  Gamechangers

captain:  Jerock  gaines

offensive leader:  jerock gaines,  ashante  worthy

Defensive leader:  charlie  barbiere, jerock  gaines

players to watch:   kevin  morris,  lu  vega,  sterry  codrington

Rudi Gees.jpg

3  Tournament  Wins

#1 Rudi gees

#2 TTG

#2  ttg  (95 Pts) 

Offense:  16.5 ppg

1  Championship

4  playoff  wins

well  balanced  offense

nearly  equal  rush &  pass  tds

team  Gamechangers

captain:  tyler  gabriel

offensive leader:  tyler  gabriel,  corey  morris

Defensive leader:  Hunter baillie,  kay

players to watch:   deon  williams,  tajhi  tamaino

#3 Deja Vu

Pro C - Shockers.jpg

#3  Deja  vu  (93 Pts) 

Defense:  9.5 PA

2  championship

6  playoff  wins

2019   TOC   winner


team  Gamechangers

captain:  Roberto  parker

offensive leader:  david  telesco,  aj  foust

Defensive leader:  mecchio  mood  jr,  roberto  parker

players to watch:   dylan  moye,  cesar  tapio

#4 Greatest Show on Turf 

#4  Greatest  show  on  turf (87 Pts) 

Defense:  13.0 PA

6  playoff  Wins

Tough  &  Gritty  Team  


team  Gamechangers

captain:  Jeremy  montanez

offensive leader:  jordan  andre,  robert  sihlanick

Defensive leader:  chris  kenneally,  jeremy  montanez

players to watch:   nicholas  padron,  mike  lomanto

#5 Showtime

#5  Showtime  (66 Pts) 

Offense:  22.1  ppg

 1  championship

4  playoff  wins

high  powered,  efficient  passing  attack


team  Gamechangers

captain:  Anthony  Garaguso

offensive leader:  Juan  rodriguez,  tyler  peddle

Defensive leader:  Don  Brown,  Anthony  garaguso

players to watch:   Treyvon  myers,  nigel  swift

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