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What is Ska'moog?

Ska'moog started with a few friends who never wanted to stop playing

Our First Champion
(~10 years ago)

What is Ska'moog?

Ska'moog (verb) - to play, stay active, overcome challenges and forge relationships through the power of team sports! So, do you Ska'moog?


Is Ska'moog for you?

If you play flag football or want to play, then Ska'moog is for you!  Our focus is on providing every player the BEST flag football experience!  So, whether you are new to Flag or are the most competitive player in the area, we have leagues and tournaments for you! 

What is Ska'moog?

As players, we were tired of playing in overpriced leagues social sports leagues (e.g., $125 per player) or poorly run competitive sports leagues that give nothing back to the players.  Unfortunately, the fact is that we all played and loved playing, but when you get past high school and college there are just very few quality places to play.

We struggled with this problem and hence started playing our own game each Thanksgiving focused on the PLAYERS and that ultimately became Ska'moog.

What makes Ska'moog different?

- It's simple => WE CARE!  We are passionate about providing you with the best sports experience and work hard to give you the best PLACE to PLAY.  

With that focus, we provide more value at each event giving over 1000+ FREE photos at all events, player and team stat tracking, highlight videos, free game jerseys, more prizes, team power rankings, and more extras (including the invite-only Tournament of Champs and Ska'moog Combine)!

Ska'moog is different.  Come Experience the NEW AGE of Flag Football!

what is skamoog
Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

There is nothing flashy about us, we loved playing together growing up and were tired of playing in overpriced social sports leagues or poorly run competitive leagues.  So, we started playing a small game on Thanksgiving (with about 15 people) that grew into over 3,000 players and 200+ teams just a few short years later.


The secret sauce is YOU and our relentless commitment to deliver great sports experiences to our players.  Now we can't promise you will win all of your Ska'moog events because we do believe that good competition at your skill level is critical (i.e., events filled with last second TDs and not 40-0 blowouts are the vision), but we can promise that we will do everything we can to make your experience GREAT!


Check out our FIRST CHAMPION!

Special note to the players looking for more competition and to continue to challenge themselves

If you grew up competing, you’re familiar with the empty feeling when it’s clear your “career” is over. The motivation for pumping out an extra rep, wind sprint, and the like are long gone. Even worse, no longer do you revel over victories or despair over losses with your teammates. The Ska’moog founders dealt with this same sense of loss and it became our mission to create something to fill the void, Hence, the the Tournament of Champions for all Ska'moog Divisions. 


This event was there to encourage competition at all skill levels and to bring the competitive fire back into your life. This is why we track stats, promote power rankings, declare tournament MVPs, and so much more.  Because at the end of the day, we all know competition makes us stronger on and off the field!

So if your looking for that "IT" => you just found it!!!

"Never stop playing"

Ska'moog Cares

We believe in supporting the Ska'moog Family and helping to leave this amazing place in a better position then we found it! 

Ska'moog supports an active and healthy lifestyle

- Playing and being active is so important to your overall physical and mental health

- With more and more time spent sitting behind computers, the importance of physical activity and creating a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more critical

- Ska'moog is focused on providing the underappreciated adult recreational sports community with the best and most convenient options to get healthy and active in their local communities

Ska'moog supports local communities and organizations

- Ska'moog partners with local fields and organizations to bring the best events to your community

- Players travel from all over to our tournaments and leagues bringing more people for some healthy fun to support the local community

Ska'moog supports

- Ska'moog supports active and healthy lifestyle organizations and promotes positive values such as teaming, discipline, hard work, and dedication on and off the field.  

Join the Ska'moog community and start playing!

Ska'moog cares

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We are always trying to get better so please contact us at any time

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