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#1 Mutiny

Pro C - Shockers.jpg

#1   Mutiny (194  Pts)

Offense:   18.4 ppg

Defense:  10.8 Pa

3  championships

10  Playoff  wins

Top  10  ranked  offense &  Defense


team  Gamechangers

captain:  Brandon  farrell

offensive leader:  John  sagan,  lasha  johnson

Defensive leader:  joe  porter,  brandon  farrell

players to watch:   natasha  sousa,  chelsea  kramaritsch

#2 The Practice Squad

Pro C - Shockers.jpg

#2  the  practice  squad  (130  Pts) 

offense:  21.1  Ppg

defense:  11.8 PA

4  championships

8  playoff  wins

top  5  ranked  offense


team  Gamechangers

captain:  rob  hinson

offensive leader:  russell  frederick, kevin  neweris

Defensive leader:  dominick  rao,  rob  hinson

players to watch: jessee  hinson,  nicole  papp

#3 Camilla's Crew

#3  Camilla's  crew (121  pts)

Defense:  11.9  PPA

3 Championships

8  playoff  wins

Well  balanced  team 

peaking  late  in  2020


team  Gamechangers

captain:  ryan  taylor

offensive leader:  ryan  taylor,  frankie  pearson

Defensive leader:  anthony  crawford,  calvin  helms

players to watch:   jessica  bonfey,  jaclyn  kruzinski

#4 Monstars

#4  Monstars (85 Pts) 

Defense:  12.9  PA

5  playoff  wins

top  15  ranked defense


team  Gamechangers

captain:  shawn  gliem

offensive leader:  shawn  gliem,  marinaa  copanezos

Defensive leader:  javier  rodriguez,  troy  scales

players to watch:   shannon  sottosanti, jaleel  tyson

#5 Swarm

#5  Swarm  (79 Pts) 

1  championship

2  playoff  wins

grind  it  out  type  of team  


team  Gamechangers

captain:  amanda  kane

offensive leader:  josh  truitt,  mariah  reed

Defensive leader:  amanda  kane,  janeel  diaz

players to watch:   lew vincent,  taheem  baldwin

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