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Co-ed  2023    Power   Rankings

- All  TEAMS  Earn   Power  Ranking  Points  By  Playing
- The  Top  Ranked  Teams  Are  Invited  to the   Tournament  of  Champions!!!  


Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS  THE   COVETED  BLACK  JERSEYS  &  Gold  Rings!

TOC Jerseys (post 4.2.2021).jpg

The PLAYERS customize their championship BLACK Jerseys which they will have to sole right to wear for all of 2024!

TOC Jerseys (post 4.2.2021).jpg

2023  Regular  season  Rankings!

25+  teams  played  in  2023,   Earn  20+  ranking  points  to  be  ranked  below  

Rankings as  of  11.12.2023  Tournament

Top of Power Rankings

#T-1 Benchwarmers

Benchwarmers  (103  pts)

3  Championships
5+  Playoff  Wins
Playmakers  All  Over  The  Field

eam  Gamechangers
Captain: Rob  Hinson
Offensive   Leaders: Rob Hinson, 
Kevon  Newerls, Kamaal Stewart
Defensive  Leaders:  Chelse Van  Glahn,  
Jesse  Hinson,  Marleigh  Fruehling

Players to watch: Lasha  Johnson,  Matthew 
Mohammed,   Nichole  Alvarez,  William  Perez

Co-Ed 2 Champs - Benchwarmers.jpg

#T-1 Sneaky Links

Sneaky Links   (103  pts)

2  Championships
2023  Team  To  Watch
Gamechangers  On  Both  Sides  Of  The  Ball

Team  Gamechangers

Captain:  Rachel  Ferder
Offensive   Leaders: Matt  Ruppert,  
Rachel  Ferder,  Johan  Drakes

Defensive  Leaders:  Asiamonae  Jones,  George  
Figueroa,  Ivan  Bozier,  Justin  Nigro

Players to watch: Kathryn  Kreidler, Michael 
Platellas, Val  Cortes,  Gianni  Montanez

Co-Ed 1 Champs - Sneaky Links.jpg
RingGold_Alpha 1.png

#3 EBC

EBC (90 pts)

2  Championships
5+  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain:  Dayna  Gambino
Offensive   Leaders: Nate  Lajoie,  Dayna  Gambino,  
Nicole  Isakson,  Ant  Julbes
Defensive  Leaders:  Frankie  Gionfriddo,  
Tim  Artruc,  Shontia  Punter,  Philip  Terio
Players to watch: Darius  Rannie, 
Joey  Direnzo,  tania  Pereira

Co-Ed - EBC.jpg
RingPink_Alpha Breastcancerawareness.png

#4 Gee & Co

Gee & Co (82  pts)

1  Championship  
High  Powered  Offense
Peaking  Late  in  2023

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Jerock  Gaines
Offensive   Leaders: 
Defensive  Leaders: 
Players to watch: 


#5 BFC Bad Guys

BFC  Bad  Guys  (82  pts)

2  Championships
Dynamic  Talent
High  Team  Chemistry

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Courtney  Burkett
Offensive   Leaders: Dayo  Kuteyi, 
Lauren  Vetock,  Stephen  Mackall
Defensive  Leaders: Colin  McDermott, 
 Nicola  Hall,  Jordan  McIntyre
Players to watch: Steve  Crawford, 
J  Poulson,  Andrew  King

Co-Ed 1 Champs - BFC Bad Guys.jpg

#6 Rebels

Rebels  (74  pts)

1  Championship
Tough  &  T
Team  to  watch  in  2023

Team  Gamechangers

Captain:  Rachel  Ferder
Offensive   Leaders: Matt  Ruppert, 
Jordan  Tripodi,  Rachel  Ferder,  Randi  Degina
Defensive  Leaders: James  Gisondi, 
Tripodi,  Kathryn  Kreidler,  Ivan  Bozier
Players to
watch: Nicole  Teplitz, Gianni  Montanez, 
DJ  Darretta,  Charlotte  Sperling


Co-Ed Champs - Rebels.jpg

#7 Mutiny

Mutiny (52  pts)

3  Playoff  Wins
1   Championship  

Team to watch  in 2023

Team  Gamechangers

Captain:  Brandon  Farrell  
Offensive   Leaders: Brandon  Farrell, 
Julia  Venturelli,  LeighAnn  Lively
Defensive  Leaders:  Ryan  Downes,  Seth  Wadleigh
Players to watch: Marleigh  Fruehling

Co-Ed Champs - Mutiny.jpg
RingPink_Alpha Breastcancerawareness.png

#8 First Response

First  Response   (47  pts)

High  Powered  Offense
Playmakers  All  Over  The  Field

Team  Gamechangers

Captain:  Kevin  Morris
Offensive   Leaders: Kevin  Morris,  Quentin 

Hodge-Grant,  Victoria  Nye,  Deniro  Thompson
Defensive  Leaders:  Chelsea  V
an  Glahn,  Chelsea  

Kramaritsch,  Charlie  Barbiere,  Marisa  Jiminez
Players to watch: Jon  Simpkins,  Gianna  Mauro,  

Alexandria  Montefinese

Co-Ed 1 - First Responders.jpg

#9 BDE

BDE  (47  pts)

Tough  &  Gritty   Team
Well  Balanced  Team

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Ali  Baublitz
Offensive   Leaders: Kyle  Holman, 
Anthony,  Kese  Mallory
Defensive  Leaders: Ali  Baublitz, 
Tayann a Tramel,  Zach,  Femi
Players to watch: Amanda,  Markeith 
Strickland,  Brooke,  Issic  Gomez

Co-Ed 2 - BDE.jpg

#T-10  Enfield  Bearcats (Current Champs)

 Enfield  Bearcats  (37  pts)

Undefeated  in  2023
2022  TOC  Winner!
1  Championship
2  Playoff  Wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: joshua  spence
Offensive   Leaders:
joshua  spence (MVP), Deniro  
Thompson,  Kristina  Forsman,  Dazahn  Wilson

Defensive  Leaders: Jesse  Morrow,  Alyssa  Denino,  
Corey  Gedraitis,  Robert  Mercer
Players to watch: Avonde  Murphy,  Kat  Rodriguez

Co-Ed2 - Enfield Bearcats.jpg

#12 Darkside

Co-Ed - Darkside.jpg

Darkside  (36  pts)

Talent  Across  The  Board
Well  Balanced  Team

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Crystal  Wheeler
Offensive   Leaders: Dario  Felix,  Crystal  Wheeler
Defensive  Leaders: Marc  Martinez,  Isaiah  Velez
Players to watch: Christine  Holness,  Courtney

#T-10 The 518

The  518  (37  pts)

Undefeated  in  2023
1  Championship
2  Playoff  Wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Nicole  Spinelli
Offensive   Leaders: Lester  Zaborski  III, 
Anthony  Crawford,  Alyson  Sanders

Defensive  Leaders: Lindsey  Bruette,  Calvin  Helms,  
Jonathan  Garcia,  James  Doty
Players to watch: Nicole  Spinelli,  Gabriel  Dejesus,  
Brandon  Campbell

Co-Ed Champs - The 518.jpg

#13 The Show

The  Show  (34  pts)

1  Championship
Tough  &  Gritty

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Justin  Hill
Offensive   Leaders: Juan  Perez-Marquez, 
Alex  Cameron,  Lasha  Johnson
Defensive  Leaders: Darnell  Coney,  Alesha  Marcks
Players to watch: Marisa  Jimenez,  Kyle  Wiggins

Co-Ed 2 Champs - The Show.jpg

#14 The Herd

Co-Ed - The Herd.jpg

The  Herd (32  pts)

A team  to  watch  in  2023
Top  5  Offense

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Jeffrey  Jordan
Offensive   Leaders: Dajion  Hill,  Kris  Hinton, 
Bryanna  Montalvo,  Santiago  Isaza
Defensive  Leaders: Analise  Rodriguez, 
Jeffrey  Jordan,  Michael  Elsey,  Tony  Simpson
Players to watch: Ailyn  Dilone,  Alex  Willis, 
Imari  Watson,  Imari  Watson  Jr,  Jayyona  Torres

#15 The Gun Club

The  Gun  Club  (31  pts)

1  Championship
A  team  to  Watch  in  the  TOC


Watermark - smugmug (3000 pixels wide).jpg

#16 Warriors

Warriors  (30  pts)

High  Powered  Offense
Tough  &  Gritty  Defense


Watermark - smugmug (3000 pixels wide).jpg

#17 Action Crazy

Action  Crazy  (28  pts)

Maximum  Team  Effort
Top  10  Defense


Watermark - smugmug (3000 pixels wide).jpg

#18 Butterfingers

Butterfingers  (26  pts)

Well  Balanced
Tough  &  Gritty


Watermark - smugmug (3000 pixels wide).jpg

#T-19 Demontime

Demontime  (22  pts)

Well  Balanced  Team
Great  Leadership


Watermark - smugmug (3000 pixels wide).jpg

#T-19 Havoc

Havoc (21  pts)

Great  Team  Attitude
Hard  Working  Defense


Watermark - smugmug (3000 pixels wide).jpg

2022    Ska'moog    TOC    CHAMPS

 Enfield   bearcats 

Co-Ed TOC Champs - Enfield Bearcats.jpg
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