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#1 Purple People Eaters

Pro C - Shockers.jpg

#1  purple  people  eaters (244  Pts) 

offense: 19.7 PPG

Defense:  11.3 PA

5 Tournament Wins

15  playoff  wins

4  consecutive  tourney  champs

team  Gamechangers

captain:  Jeff  young

offensive  leaders:  trevor  nunn,  riquan  smalley

Defensive  leaders:  rashod  hull,  ceo  jacquese  whorley

players to watch:   Jeff  young,  preston  green

#2 TMS

Pro C - Shockers.jpg

#2  tms (164 Pts) 

offense:  15.5  PPg

2  Tournament  Wins

8  playoff  wins

all  around  balanced  team


team  Gamechangers

captain:  Cesar  silvestre

offensive  leader:  tj  zadroga

Defensive  leaders:  jeffrey  cardona,  timothy  tolosa

players to watch:   john  sanchez,  chris  johnson

#3 New Era

#3  New  Era (132  Pts) 

Defense:  12.3  PA

2  Tournament Wins

7  playoff  wins

wins  in  the  trenches


team  Gamechangers

captain:  Matt  berman

offensive  leaders:  Anthony  villano,  mike  sarno

Defensive  leaders:  lawrence  jean,  matt  berman

players to watch:   Mike  zeffiro,  joseph  ferraro


#4 Shockers

#4   shockers (130  Pts)

Offense:   17.8 ppg

Defense:  9.0 PPG

4 Tournament Wins

9  playoff  wins

Back to  back  tourney  champs


team  Gamechangers

captain:  thomas  marcinczyk 

offensive  leaders:  jeff  reinecke, Justin  Ferrara

Defensive  leader:  devonte  spann

players to watch:   devonte spann,   jake weber

Pro C - Shockers.jpg

#5 Butterfingers

#5  Butterfingers  (130 Pts) 

offense:  19.2  PPg

2 Tournament Wins

8  playoff  wins

Tough  &  Gritty  Team  


team  Gamechangers

captain:  Edward  feliciano

offensive leader:  andrew  roberts

Defensive leader: timothy  roberts,  edward  feliciano

players to watch:   danny  espinal,  rob  sihlanick

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