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Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS  THE   COVETED  BLACK  JERSEYS!

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The PLAYERS design their championship BLACK Jerseys which they will have to sole right to wear for all of 2022!

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Official Team  Power  Rankings!!!!

Rankings  Updated as  of 11.13  Event


50+  teams  played  in  2021,   must   have  30  power  ranking  points  to  be  ranked  below  

#1  Promote the Luv

Pro C Champs - Promote the Luv.jpg

#1   Promote  the  Luv  (160  pts)

2021   Record:  28-5-0
4  Championships
9  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Ricardo  castro
Offensive   Leaders: Joshua castro, 
jordan  buckner
Defensive  Leaders: chris marshall, 
jamari  castro,  ricardo  castro
Players to watch:  shakor  jukes,  louie  lewis

#2  Youngbloods

Pro Champs - Youngbloods.jpg

#2  Youngbloods  (135  pts)

2021  season  wins:  21
4  Championships
9  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: David  lebron
Offensive   Leaders: david  lebron, 
adam  venturini
Defensive  Leaders: juan  bastas, iman  pullam
Players to watch: scott  lamb, 
jelani  booker,  joshua  pascual

#3  TMS

Pro C - TMS.jpg

#3  tms  (99 pts)

2021  Season  wins:  15
3  Championships
6  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: cesar  silvestre
Offensive   Leaders: tj  zadroga,  quatrell  huffin
Defensive  Leaders: nadim  raddar, 
john  sanchez
Players to watch: cesar silvestre, 
ryan  rios,  jeffrey  cardona

#4  Butterfingers

Pro C Champs - Butterfingers.jpg

#4  Butterfingers  (94  pts)

2021  Season  Wins:  16
3 Championship
6  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: andrew  roberts
Offensive   Leaders: Robert  nitro  mercer,
andrew  roberts
Defensive  Leaders: rob sihlanick, 
jahmir  white, danny  espinal
Players to watch:  brandon  farrell, 
chris  kennedy,  emersson  huaranga

#5  Gee League Gees

Pro 1 Champs - Gee League Gees.jpg

#5  Gee  League  Gees  (91  pts)

2021  season  wins:  12
4  playoff  wins
3  championship

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: xavier  madera
Offensive   Leaders: xavier  madera, 
michael  casado
Defensive  Leaders: phillip  jenkins, 
brneden  busacca,  jesse  hunt
Players to watch:  ceo  whorley,  george  cuevas,
lu  velez  jr,  jayson  nami

#6  Storm  Riders

Pro 3 Champs -  Storm Riders.jpg

#6  Storm  Riders  (68  pts)

2021  Record:  14-7-0
1  Championship
4  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: joel  diaz
Offensive   Leaders: hasson  hawkins,  joel  diaz
Defensive  Leaders: jared  powell, 
glen  johnson,  dre  roberts
Players to watch: naquan  gillison, 
joshua  martin,  james  rohe

#7  First Family

Pro 4 Champs - First Family.jpg

#7  First  family  (65  pts)

2021  Season  wins:  10
2  Championships
5  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: joseph  ramirez
Offensive   Leaders: alvin  pacheco,  
joseph  ramirez,  juan  marrero
Defensive  Leaders: marquise  vasquez, 
isyke  vazquez
Players to watch:  dalton  morganello,  
steven  badillo,  christopher  badillo

#8 The FFA

Pro 4 - The FFA.jpg

#8  THE  FFA  (59  pts)

2021  season  wins:  14
5  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Brandon  rios
Offensive   Leaders: brandon  rios,  
peter  williams,  azmir  ivy
Defensive  Leaders: jordii  martin, 
steffon  pressley,  dylan  herrera
Players to watch:  jayson  saint-val,  
mathew  palikodath,  miguel  rodriguez

#9  Tri-State savages

Pro 5 - Tri-State Savages.jpg

#9  Tri-state  savages  (58pts)

2021  season  wins:  13
5  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Christopher  ortiz
Offensive   Leaders: kyle  blue, 
garon  edwards
Defensive  Leaders: shaun augustyn,
steven  dennis,  marcus
Players to watch:  bill  merwin,  
quentin  hodges-grant,  eric  morabito

#10  Pylon  Pythons

#10  Pylon  pythons  (48 pts)

2021  season  wins:  7
3  playoff  wins
1  championship

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Oneil  williams
Offensive   Leaders: christopher  stephenson,  robert  dixon
Defensive  Leaders: kipling  joseph,
theodor  gervais,  oneil  williams
Players to watch:  lolade  fakorode,  
jude  allume,  georges  gedin

Pro 3 Champs - Pylon Pythons.jpg

#11  Purple People Eaters

Pro C - Purple People Eaters.jpg

#11  Purple  People  Eaters (44 pts)

2021  Record: 7-1-0
1  Championship
2  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: jeff  young
Offensive   Leaders: chris  ortiz
Defensive  Leaders: shakeem  jackson,  
john  demy,  rashod  hull
Players to watch: taheem  baldwin,  david  gray,  mike  maldonado,  lamont  warner

#T-12  Mean  Machine

Pro 2 Champs - Mean Machine.jpg

#T12  Mean  Machine  (41  pts)

2021  Record:  6-2-0
1  Championship
3  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Vernol  gary
Offensive   Leaders: darien  hudgins
Defensive  Leaders: vernol  gary, 
jorge  rodriguez,  oscar  martinez
Players to watch: eddie  santiago,  nate  manski

#T-12  Why Not

Pro C - Why Not.jpg

#T12  Why  Not  (41  pts)

2021  Season  Wins:  6
1  Championship
3  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: edwin  stimpson
Offensive   Leaders: oneill  williams, 
edwin  stimpson,  michael  marcovici
Defensive  Leaders: sebastian  garcia  vargas,  michael  albdewi,  cale  houghton
Players to watch:  ifaz  uddin,  christopher  stephenson,  jude  allume,  alexander  gardner

#14  Subzero

#14  subzero  (32 pts)

2021  season  wins:  4
2  playoff  wins
1  championship

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: rocco  yedman
Offensive   Leaders: michael  amoroso, 
joe  tretter,  mike  szymanek
Defensive  Leaders: andrew  kletcheck, 
rob  szymanek,  jeff  tiberi
Players to watch:  rocco  yedman, 
damon  alexander,  mike  colisto

Pro C Champs - Sub-zero.jpg

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