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- All  TEAMS  Earn   Power  Ranking  Points  By  Playing
- The  Top  Ranked  Teams  Are  Invited  to the   Tournament  of  Champions!!!  

Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS  THE   COVETED  BLACK  JERSEYS!

#1  ranked offense  &  Defense

#1 Hitmen

#1  Hitmen

2020  toc  champs

Top  10  offense  &  defense

1  Championship
5  playoff wins

team  Gamechangers
Captain:  jerry  walker
players  to  watch:  tom  bremme,  kemian  flowers,  
charles  dinolfi,  hassan  gardner,  jerry  walker

#2 God Given

#2  God  Given

Offense:  >2 TDs  / game

1  Championship
4   playoff  wins

top  10  offense   &  top  5   Defense

team  Gamechangers
offensive leader:  eric  mease
Defensive leader:  shanier  cottman, omar  washington
players to watch:   Mike  wilkins,  frank  durham

#3 Punishers

#3   Punishers

2020  toc  runner-up

Top  5  offense  &  Defense

team  Gamechangers
offensive leader:  anthony  pomo
Defensive leader:  jarrett  foster,  Matt  webber
players to watch:   tyrell  holmes,  nick bacarella

#4 Valley goatz

5  playoff  wins

#5 Rudi gees

#5  Rudi  gees

3   playoff  wins

top  5  ranked  offense

2020  toc  semi-finalists

team  Gamechangers
Captain:  Jerock  Gaines
players to watch:   matt  jones,  joseph  nunez,  
alex  verardi,  kevin   morris,  brandon  winston

team  Gamechangers
offensive leader:  Anthony pulcini
Defensive leader:  matt   riddick,  zack  barndt
players to watch:   Jay  milly,  mariah  reed,  ukeen  riddick

1  Championship
3  playoff wins

#1   defense

#4  Valley  GOatz

Top  5  offense

2020 TOC Champs


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