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#1 Deja Vu

Deja Vu (2).jpg

#1   Deja  vu  (54  Pts)

Defense:  13.5  PA

1  Championship

3  playoff  wins

Top  10  offense

team  Gamechangers

captain:  Roberto  parker

offensive leader:  david  telesco,  aj  foust

Defensive leader:  mecchio  mood  jr,  roberto  parker

players to watch:   dylan  moye,  cesar  tapio

#2 Punishers

#2  punishers  (35 Pts) 

Offense:  23.8 ppg

1  Championship

3  playoff  wins

top  5  offense

top  5  defense

team  Gamechangers

offensive leader:  anthony  pomo

Defensive leader:  jarrett  foster,  tyrell  ballard

players to watch:   tyrell  holmes,  nick bacarella

#3 All-Stars

5.26 - Endzone Leap.jpg

#3  All-Stars  (35  Pts) 

1  championship

3  playoff  wins

top  10  offense 

top  10  defense

team  Gamechangers

players to watch:  Anthony  tatano,  andrew  liverman,  alfy carrillo,  frank  mena

#T4 God Given

#T4  GoD  Given  (32 Pts) 

Offense:  29.0 ppg

Defense:  5.0 PA

1  Championship

2  playoff wins

#1  ranked offense  &  Defense

team  Gamechangers

offensive leader:  eric  mease

Defensive leader:  shanier  cottman,  marquies  washington

players to watch:   james  profitt,  frank  durham

#T4 Punish Athletes

#T4  Punish  Athletes  (32 Pts) 

Offense:  20.8 ppg

Defense:  5.5 PA

1  championship

2  playoff  wins

Top  5  ranked  defense

team  Gamechangers

offensive leader:  matt  bailey,  thomas  newkirk

Defensive leader:  jordan  nelson,  jarrett  foster

players to watch:   devon  jennings,  neno  green

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