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pro  A    2022   Power   Rankings

- All  TEAMS  Earn   Power  Ranking  Points  By  Playing
- The  Top  Ranked  Teams  Are  Invited  to the   Tournament  of  Champions!!!  


Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS  THE   COVETED  BLACK  JERSEYS  &  Gold  Rings!

Final  Regular  Season  Power Rankings!

2022  Season

Only Top Teams Are Ranked!

Top Pro A Teams

#1  Rudi Gees (Current champs)

 Rudi  Gees  (109  pts)

Current Champions  WEAR BLACK!
3 Championships!

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Kevin  morris
Offensive   Leaders: Sterry  corrington,
ashante  worthy, Charlie Barbiere
Defensive  Leaders: kevin  morris, 
brandon  winston,  tajhi  tomaino
Players to watch: Brendan  hughes,
jerock  gaines,  robert  sihlanick

RingPink_Alpha Breastcancerawareness.png

#2 SP Savages

SP  SAvages  (98 pts)

Championship, 2nd  most  Wins
Tough, Physical, Young Talented

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Sergio  dejesus
Offensive   Leaders: camron  carter, 
jahmir  bohannan,  ryan  muniz
Defensive  Leaders: brandon  dorner, 
anthony  torres,  dman  hart, 
layers to watch: franco  dagostino,
zayd  harris-brown,  sergio  dejsus


#3 Rush Thaaat

rush  thaat  (87  pts)

2022  Wins  LEader
3  Championships
5+  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Thomas  heller
Offensive   Leaders: Thomas  heller, 
daizhun  rhodes
Defensive  Leaders: Nick  howell (MVP), 
Mike  fritch,  adrian  carmichael
Players to watch: david  sanders, 
jayden  reyes,  lavell fowler

Pro A Champs - Rush That.jpg
RingPink_Alpha Breastcancerawareness.png

#4 2EZ

2EZ  (68 pts)

2022  Season:  10  Wins
1  Championship
3  Playoff  Wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Clint Thomas
Players to watch:   Makai Cruel Is a Player of the year Nominee!

RingPink_Alpha Breastcancerawareness.png

#5 Butterfingers

Pro B - Butterfingers.jpg

Butterfingers  (37  pts)

2022  Record:  6-3-0
2  Playoff  Wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Luidgi  Faubert
Players to watch: Andrew  Roberts, 
Luidgi  Faubert,  Luis  Cunha,  Jahmir  White, 
Adam  Abdulla,  Nick  Padron, 
Eddie  Feliciano,  kaamal Stewart


#6 Empire

Empire  (32  pts)

2022  Record:  4-0-0
1  Championship
2  playoff  wins

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Gerard  wendowski
Offensive   Leaders: Ryan  tapia, 
broegan blanco-rivas
Defensive  Leaders: ishmil  mack, 
gerard  wendowskim  cody  getz
Players to watch: issac  negron, 
xavier  warner,  julio  yunes

Pro A Champs - Empire.jpg

#7 Gladiators

Gladiators  (32  pts)

2022  Record:  4-0-0
1  Championship
Tough, High Football IQ, Talented

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Keith Strokes

Players to watch: Jared Foster, Yusef


#8 Reckless

Reckless  (28  pts)

Tough, Physical and Talented

Team  Gamechangers
Christopher Sell, Christian Sell,
Alvin Pacheco


T Sum_page-0012.jpg

#9 Rarebreed 

RareBreed  (26  pts)

2022  season  Record:  3-1-1
2   playoff  wins
1  Tournament  Runner-up

Team  Gamechangers

Captain:  Tom  Bremme (aka "Pajama Pants")
Players to watch:  Dario Felix, Antoine Biddle, Jerry Walker, Peter Martinez

Pro 2 Champs - Rarebreed.jpg

#10 Death Row

Pro 6 - Death Row.jpg

Death  Row  (16  pts)

Tough  &  Gritty  Team
top  5  defense

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Trumane  Nieves
Offensive   Leaders: Mahsaiah  Mcrae
Defensive  Leaders: Jamel  Kelly,  Donte
Mcrae,  Keishaan  Jackson
Players to watch: Bryant  Geddee  Jr,  Nazih
Shabazz, Tramel  Nieves,  Willie  Leach

#T-11  Bear Down


BEar  Down  (14 pts)

Tough, Physical & Smart
top  5 Offense

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: Nick Surhoff 

Players to watch: Nick Surhoff (incredible Arm Talent), Joseph Pipoli, Chase James, Michael Denimo, Liam Knowles, Rich Ritter

#T-11  Boys from the Bay

Pro 4 - Boys from the Bay.jpg

Boys  from  the  bay  (14 pts)

Tough, Physical & Smart
top  5  defense

Team  Gamechangers

Captain: derel williams
Offensive   Leaders: Kevin  walker,
nate  hughes,  lyndon  browne
Defensive  Leaders: derel  williams, 
justin  walker
Players to watch: rashad  callaway,
bernie  castano, damon  smalls,  joe  veesy

 2021  Ska'moog  TOC   Champs

 Rudi gees 

Pro C TOC Champs - Gee League Gees.jpg
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