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Co-ed  2024    Power   Rankings

- All  TEAMS  Earn   Power  Ranking  Points  By  Playing
- The  Top  Ranked  Teams  Are  Invited  to the   Tournament  of  Champions!!!  

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Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS    custom  JERSEYS  &  Gold  Rings!

The Show 03blue2 Preview.jpg

The PLAYERS customize their championship BLACK Jerseys which they will have to sole right to wear for all of 2025!

The Show 03blue2 Preview.jpg

2023  Regular  season  Rankings!

25+  teams  played  in  2024,   Earn  20+  ranking  points  to  be  ranked  below  

Rankings as  of   3/23/24  Tournament

Top of Power Rankings

#1 Benchwarmers 103 Points

Co-Ed 2 Champs - Benchwarmers.jpg

Captain: Rob  Hinson
3  Championships

5+  Playoff  Wins


#2 Sneaky Links 102 PTS

Co-Ed 1 Champs - Sneaky Links.jpg

Captain:  Rachel  Ferder
2  Championships
2024 Team  To  Watch

RingGold_Alpha 1.png

#3 endfield boar cotts - 101 PTS

Co-Ed - EBC.jpg
RingPink_Alpha Breastcancerawareness.png

Captain:  Dayna  Gambino

2  Championships
5+  playoff  wins

#4 BFC Bad Guys 82pts

Co-Ed 1 Champs - BFC Bad Guys.jpg

Captain: Courtney  Burkett
2  Championships
Dynamic  Talent
High  Team  Chemistry

#17 Action Crazy

Action  Crazy  (28  pts)

Maximum  Team  Effort
Top  10  Defense


Watermark - smugmug (3000 pixels wide).jpg

#18 Butterfingers

Butterfingers  (26  pts)

Well  Balanced
Tough  &  Gritty


Watermark - smugmug (3000 pixels wide).jpg

#T-19 Demontime

Demontime  (22  pts)

Well  Balanced  Team
Great  Leadership


Watermark - smugmug (3000 pixels wide).jpg

#T-19 Havoc

Havoc (21  pts)

Great  Team  Attitude
Hard  Working  Defense


Watermark - smugmug (3000 pixels wide).jpg

2022    Ska'moog    TOC    CHAMPS

 Enfield   bearcats 

Co-Ed TOC Champs - Enfield Bearcats.jpg
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