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Pro   Divisions   Details

Pro B (Competitive)

$62 Per Player*


- Competitive
- *NEW* Championship Rings
- Winners earn invite to
2023 Tournament of Champions

Pro B Tournament

Pro C (Competitive & Fun)

$62 Per Player*


- Semi-Competitive
- *NEW* Championship Rings

- Winner earns invite to
2023 Tournament of Champions

Pro C Tournament

Pro J (Just for Fun!)

$62 Per Player*

Pro G Tournament

Pro A TOC Champs - Rudi Gees.jpg

- *NEW* Just for Fun Division
- *NEW* Championship Rings
- Winner earns invite to
2023 Tournament of Champions to NEW Pro J Division


Event Location - MetLife Stadium!
1 MetLife Stadium Dr, East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Date - Sunday, November 12th
Registration Times:
Pro B,C,&J Afternoon: 12:3
0PM-3:30PM (Registration)
Pro B,C,&J Under Lights: 4:30PM-6:30PM (Registration)

Pricing $62/player*
*Minimum 9 players per team (Jets Rule)

Note - $40 team ref fee that covers your team for the entire tournament (can play up to 5-7 games) 

Event Overview - This Ska'moog Event is a one-day Flag Football Tournament. With Player Team Power Rankings, FREE Photos, and a chance to earn valuable Power Ranking points to help your team earn an invite to the Tournament of Champs to play against the best teams in the tri-state area, this is an event you will not want to miss!

Winner Receives
- Custom Ska'moog MetLife Championship Rings
- Power Ranking Points to help your team earn an invite to the Tournament of Champs where you could win
     Pro B - $1,500 in Prizes + Gold Rings + Custom Championship Black Jerseys
     Pro C - $750 in Prizes + Gold Rings + Custom Black Jerseys



Included in Your Entry

Matching Game Jerseys


FREE Division Highlight Video

S2H04517 (1).jpg

Tournament Entry - 3 Game Min

S2L00957 (1) (1).jpg


We provide you MORE value for LESS



The Winner will take home our Custom
Ska'moog MetLife Championship RINGS!


Power Ranking Points!
Winner receives valuable Power Ranking Points to help their team earn an invite to play in the TOC to compete against the BEST teams to win the coveted BLACK Jerseys and Prizes!

Experience Ska'moog

Highlight Videos!

Team Power Rankings!!!

Power Rankings for website.PNG

Tournament Details & Key Rules

Tournament Format
- One Day 5v5 Flag Football Tournament
- Guaranteed 3 Games (Max of 5-6)
- 2 Round Robin Games for Playoff Seeding
- Single Elimination Playoffs (All Teams Make Playoffs)

Field Size*- Length ~50 yds (modified for MetLife)
- Width ~20 yds (modified for MetLife)
- Endzones ~8-10 yds
- Gameplay will flow in 1 direction (teams are allowed to run back INT for a TD)
*Sizing changes to keep team registration costs as low as possible and allow as many teams to experience Ska'moog MetLife 2023

Key Rules
- 12 Minute Running Halves
- No Timeouts
- All Players are eligible to catch passes
- 5 Downs to Score (No First Downs)
- Pass Interference is a spot foul on defense
- Safeties

And.....the Ska'moog Tournament of Champions ("TOC")

- All TEAMS Earn Power Ranking Points By Playing
- The Top Ranked Teams Are Invited to the
 Tournament of Champions!!!  


- The TOC Winner earns the coveted BLACK Jerseys & GOLD Rings!  


The PLAYERS win the TOC Gold Rings and can customize their championship BLACK Jerseys which they will have to sole right to wear!

TOC Jerseys (post 4.2.2021).jpg


Email -

Call - 1-844-Skamoog


Only $62 Per Player*

Questions? Email

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