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Experience  Ska'moog   Flag  Football!

Player  Stats,  Team  Rankings,  Free  Photos,  Highlight  Videos
Combine  Challenges, 
&  The   Tournament  of  Champions!!

Join  the  10,000+  Players  &  500+  Teams  that  Ska'moog!!!

Upcoming  1-Day  Tournaments  

Play,   Build  Your  Rank  &  Earn  Your  Invite to  Tournament of  Champions!

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Divisions   Pro A,  B,  C,  Co-ED
Status   open
NYC   20 M   |    Philly  90 M   |   Stamford, ct 30 m

9/30   Empire  City  Showdown
New  Rochelle,  NY

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S2G08525 (1).jpg

10/21   Halloween    HAvoc
tINTON  fALLS,  nj

Divisions   Pro A,  B,  C,  Co-ED, Womens
Status   OPEN
NYC   60 M  |   Philly  60  M  |  Stamford, ct  90 m

07.22.2023 Stars and Stripes.jpg

2023  Tournament Of Champs
New  Rochelle,  NY  -  12/02

Divisions  Youth  6u, 8u, 10u, 12u, 14u, 17u
Status   OPEN
NYC   20  M  |   Philly 90  M  |  Stamford, ct  30 m

View  Full  Event  Schedule:


What is Ska'moog?

Ska'moog is a PLAYERS FIRST organization.  We run a series of competitive and engaging 1-Day Tournaments that ends with a climatic Tournament of Champions.  Each tournament features player stats, 5,000+ FREE event photos, Highlight Videos, the Ska'moog Combine, team prizes, free game jerseys, and more! 

Start competing today to EARN your invite to the Tournament of Champions for a chance to EARN the coveted CHAMPION BLACK JERSEYS and larger team prizes!

Are you ready for the challenge?

What makes Ska'moog Different?


5,000+ FREE Photos (All Events)


MVPs, Stats, & Records


Highlight Videos

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Ska'moog Combine => Test your skills!

 #1 - Power Ranking       

 #3 - Defense (12.9 PA)   

 #4 - Offense - 33.2 PPG 

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Team Power Rankings

And for those teams looking for a challenge.....

One-day Tournaments FIT your schedule!

The Tournament of Champions

What is the TOC?

Teams build their ranking playing in tournaments and leagues.  At the end of the year, we invite the top teams in each division to compete for the coveted BLACK Jerseys and grand prizes!  Want more? 

Champion BLACK Jerseys

Champs Wear Black, No One Else
The winners of the Ska'moog Tournament of Champions will receive Custom Championship Black Jerseys!  

The winners earns the right to wear the Black Jerseys for all of the next season.

Only the Champions at Ska'moog are allowed to wear Black so when your championship team attends an event in that year, everyone will know you are the best team in Ska'moog!

TOC Jerseys (post 4.2.2021).jpg

Earn the Jersey, Stand Above the Rest

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Players, Coaches, Parents - We are here to help!

Please contact us with any questions:

Email -

Call - 1-844-SKAMOOG (752-6664)

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1-Day Flag Football Tournaments

1-Day Youth Flag Football Tournaments

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