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1-Day Soccer Tournaments

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Ska'moog Sports is a PLAYERS FIRST organization.  We run a series of competitive and engaging 1-Day Tournaments that ends with a climatic Tournament of Champions.  Each tournament features player stats, 2,000+ FREE event photos, the Ska'moog Combine, team prizes, free game jerseys, and more! 

Start competing today to EARN your invite to the Tournament of Champions for a chance to EARN the coveted CHAMPION BLACK JERSEYS and larger team prizes!

Are you ready for the challenge?

Upcoming  events

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1-day   Tournament -  tbd


1-day   tournament -  TBD

1-day  flag  football  tournament


1-day  5v5  soccer  tournament

What makes Ska'moog Different?

2,000+ FREE Photos (All Events)

MVPs, Stats, Records, & the All-Ska'moog Team

Highlight Videos

Ska'moog Combine => Test your skills!

 #1 - Power Ranking       

 #3 - Defense (12.9 PA)   

 #4 - Offense - 33.2 PPG 


We are a PLAYERS First organization

One-day Tournaments FIT your schedule!


Convenient One-Day Tournaments

- Can't commit to a long season? 


-Play in our convenient one day tournaments (young or more seasoned this is a great format to keep playing!)

Everyone wants to PLAY, but its hard to find time. 


Our events are designed to let everyone continue to PLAY.  So, whether you are just looking for a one day tournament with a few buddies or you are looking to play against the best teams every week, we have events for you!

And for those teams looking for a challenge.....

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The Tournament of Champions (Flag Football & Soccer)

What is the TOC?

Teams build their ranking playing in tournaments and leagues.  At the end of the year, we invite the top teams in each division to compete for the coveted BLACK Jerseys and grand prizes!  Want more?  

Looking to bring the competitive fire back?  To get to the gym and challenge yourself?

If you grew up competing, you’re familiar with the empty feeling when it’s clear your “career” is over. The motivation for pumping out an extra rep, wind sprint, and the like are long gone. Even worse, no longer do you revel over victories or despair over losses with your teammates. The Ska’moog founders dealt with this same sense of loss and it became our mission to create something to fill the void, Hence, the the Tournament of Champions for all Ska'moog Divisions. 


This event was there to encourage competition at all skill levels and to bring the competitive fire back into your life. This is why we track stats, promote power rankings, declare tournament MVPs, and so much more.  Because at the end of the day, we all know competition makes us stronger on and off the field!

Earn the Jersey, Stand Above the Rest


"There is nothing like Ska'moog.  We love the one-day tournaments, the organization and the competition to win the Tournament of Champs"

- Andrew (Screaming Eagles FC)

"We have been playing flag for 20 years in events all over the country.  Ska'moog is by far the best organization we have played.  Thanks for all that you do for the players"

- Rob (2017 Champs and 7 Time Tournament Winner)

In Life there are PLAYERS and Spectators.......which one are YOU?

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NEVER stop playing, stop challenging yourself to be the BEST.....that's Ska'moog

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