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70 Degree Temperature Controlled Bubble

Mt. Olive NJ

1-Day Flag Tournament 

$38 Per Player*

Saturday January 12th


Event Location - 184 Flanders Netcong Rd, Flanders, NJ 07836 (Indoor Bubble)

Date - Saturday January 12, 2019 


Start Time - 9:30 AM (subject to change).  Note there is a $40 Team Ref that covers all games (if you have 10 players, its $4 per player for refs).

Pricing - $35 Per Player (Prices may change)

Event Overview - This Ska'moog Event is a one-day Flag Football Tournament. With Player Stat-Tracking, Team Power Rankings, the dynamic Ska’moog Combine, FREE Photos, and a chance to earn an invite to the Tournament of Champs to play against the best teams in the tri-state area, this is an event you will not want to miss!

Winner Receives

- NEW Championship Trophy

- Invite to the 2019 Tournament of Champs where you could win 1,000 in Prizes and earn the coveted BLACK Jerseys

- HALF OFF your entry fee to the NEXT Tournament!


Included in Your Entry

Matching Game Jerseys

FREE Division Highlight Video

Tournament Entry - 3 Game Min

MVPs, Player and Team Stats


FREE Entry => Ska'moog Combine

We provide you MORE value for LESS

3 Reasons You Can't Miss This Tournament

1) Your WINTER Just got BETTER

What's better than Football, Friends, Fun, and a little competition?  Especially when there is nothing but cold and snow outside.  So call your teammates and add a gamechanging Ska'moog Tournament to your Winter!

2) One-day tournaments fit your schedule

Tough to commit to a loooong 12-game season? Ska'moog's one-day tournaments are designed to fit your schedule. So no matter where you are in your life, you can rally your squad two or three times a year to come out and compete.


We are players and we care about your experience. With fun and some competition, Stat Tracking, Tournament MVPs, Team Power Rankings, Free Tournament Photos, Game Jerseys, and more, Ska'moog is different - come experience the new age of Flag Football!

Field Layout & Key Rules

Field Size*

- Length - 50-60 yds

- Width - 20-25 yds

- Endzones - 5-8 yds

*Sizing changes based on tournament location

Goal of Rules -  Our gameplay is designed to be fast, engaging, and fun.  Everyone is involved and we allow a lot flexibility in the rules to change up your gameplan with different blitzes and blocking schemes

Key Rules - Co-Rec

- 15 Minute Running Halves

- All Players are eligible to catch passes

- Open Hand Contact (no pushing through players)

- Live & Fun Rush (3 yd rush line)

- 8 Pts for Girl TD, 6 Pts for Guy TD

- 2 Girl Plays per 5 Downs

- 5 Downs to Score (No First Downs)

- No Safeties

See Full Rulebook Here =>

Tournament Details

1. Tournament Format

- One Day 5v5 Flag Football Tournament

- Guaranteed 3 Games (Max of 5-6)

- 2 Round Robin Games for Playoff Seeding

- Single Elimination Playoffs (All Teams Make Playoffs)

2. The Ska'moog Combine

- $1,000 QB Accuracy Challenge

- Laser Timed 40 Yard Dash

- Endzone Leap

- Tire Flip

***Set a NEW Combine Record and WIN A CUSTOM Hoodie & $100 in Prizes


3. Extras

 - Music, Hydration Stations, Main Tent (with Schedules and Live Standings Updates) and Pursue PT

Let's PLAY!


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