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The   Champs  Wear   BLACK

Over  300+ Teams & 3,500  PlAyers  in  2019 

Our  Champions  EARned  the  Black  Jerseys

Our  Champions  wear  BLACK, no  one  else

Ska'moog  Divisions


Engaging & Semi Competitive


Pro A

Ultra Competitive


Pro B



Pro C

Semi Competitive

Pro A Tournament of Champions 

The  Lead  Dog

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Current Champions - ULINE (5 Tournament Wins + TOC)

  • Might be the BEST Ska'moog Team ever

  • #1 Ranked Scoring Defense (Less than 6 points allowed per game).  

  • 5 All Ska'moog Team Members including Matt Riddick (Player of the Year), Ukeen Riddick and Anthony Pulcini

  • Beat Strong Island 34-6 in the TOC Finals (key play Ukeen Riddick pick 6 in the first half and ULINE never looked back)

  • Matt Riddick, the fastest player in Ska'moog and 2019 Player of the YEAR, was unstoppable for ULINE.


2018 TOC - Dub V

  • Dominated the 2018 TOC 

  • Beat Bang Nation twice in the TOC

  • TOC MVP Eric Jankowitz


2018 Regular Season Champs - The Petersons

  • 4 Tournament Wins

  • 4 All Ska'moog players

2017 TOC - Bang Nation

  • May be the best team to ever play Ska'moog

  • Gamechangers at every position

  • TOC MVP Drew Peterson

2017 Regular Season Champs - Code Red 

  • 8 Tournament Wins (Ska'moog Record

  • QB Mike Demart - 2017 Player of the year


Pro  B  Tournament of Champions

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Current Champions - Deja Vu (5 Tournament Wins + TOC)

  • Dominant and tough football team (they are a great TEAM)

  • 6 All-Ska'moog Players

  • Over 120+ Teams in Pro B in 2019 and Deja Vu finished #1

  • 4 Tournament Wins + TOC

  • Defense was dominant in the TOC giving up less than 7 ppg

  • Roberto Parker is a gamechanger on both sides of the ball (hold Ska'moog record for Tackles in a tournament and was top 5 in rec TDs in 2019)


2019 Regular Season Champ - Suicide Squad

  • Won Record 9 Tournaments

  • 6 All Ska'moog Players including player of the year nominees Juan Rodriguez and Jordan Bryan

  • Depth at all positions and incredible talent on both sides of the ball


2018 TOC - We Different

  • Gamechangers at every position

  • Best o-line in 2018

  • High football IQ

  • Best Defense in 2018 (5.6 PA)


2018 Regular Season Champ - NJ Bombers

  • Won 5 Regular Season tournaments in dominating fashion

  • Highest Scoring team in 2018 - 34.7 ppg

  • 6 All Ska'moog Players including Player of the Year Joey Guiffre


Pro  C Tournament of Champions 

Current Champions (Over 100+ Teams in 2019)

Pro C.jpg

TOC Winner - Mambas

  • Talented at every position

  • Won a thrilling overtime TOC final against Elizabeth Got Game (game of the year)

  • 4 Tournament Wins + TOC 


Regular Season Champ - The FFA

  • 5 Tournament Victories

  • Depth at every position

  • Led by Captain All Ska'moog player Jordii Martin

  • Young and very talented (future is bright for the FFA)


Co-Rec  Tournament of Champions

Back  to  Back  Champ - We  Da  Best

IMG_7482 (2).jpg

TOC Winner & Regular Season Winner - We Da Best

  • Gamechangers at every position

  • Undefeated in 2018

  • Records for most wins, tournament wins, points against, and All Ska'moog players

  • 5 All Ska'moog players including Ukeen and Matt Riddick

2017 TOC - District 1

  • Gamechanging girls including All Ska'moog star Mariah Reed

  • Dominated the TOC 

2017 Regular Season Champs - Come Get Some

  • Dominated 2017 leading all teams in tournament wins

  • Led by gamechanger LaSha Johnson

2016 TOC - The U

  • One of the best "teams" to ever play in Ska'moog

  • TOC MVP Ben Toro

2016 Regular Season Champs - The U

  • Won every tournament they attended

  • Led in PPG scoring 31.7 

Your  Chance  To  Earn  the  Black  Jerseys  Awaits

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